I am now taking on private editing work outside of Burning Eye Books! This is open to anyone who considers themselves a performance poet/ spoken word artist/ etc – with a focus of transferring the stage to the page.

Why editing? You might not think that editing will be of use to you, but it can strengthen your relationship with your writing, and prepare you for the world of submitting and publishing. There is lots of competition out there for prizes, magazines and anthologies so how are you going to present your work on a page? How will your poem speak to a reader and a room?

As an editor I will look at three main parts:

  1. Grammar and punctuation
  2. Themes and content (does it flow? how can the narrative be clearer, etc.)
  3. Page layout – how can you use the space wisely

If you are looking for specific feedback, please state in your email.


£25.00 per hour = 3 poems OR

Chapbooks (up to 20 poems) £190.00

Full Collections (50 poems+) £300.00

Low income? I have a sliding scale and can offer agreed instalments of payment.

For a consultation/quote please email me:



“Bridget offers insightful editing, praising the parts of the work that shine and finding intuitive ways to present them as well as giving innovative guidance on how to reconstruct poems where writers block has led to a dead end. 11/10 would give poems to be edited on the altar of their cleverness again” – Sam J Grudgings

“They have an eye to take the best bits of your poetry and lift them onto a page of their own. Their feedback is constructive, creative and supportive. My poetry has come on leaps and bounds since getting Bridget’s advice. I’ll definitely be using their services again and couldn’t recommend them enough.” – Camille McCawley





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