‘…it’s easy to understand punk through the male prism of John Cooper Clarke and Attila The Stockbroker. But  Jenn is proving that punk also means being honest and open.  Autobiographical.  Raw.’ – Henry Raby

‘…she is not afraid to speak out, and she empowers other women by her ability to do so. It is important that we see and hear and read women like Hart, and to see them accepted into the wider world, refusing to not be accepted.’ – Carmina Masoliver




Bridget Hart is a DIY punk poet. Her work is biting, witty and surprising as she drags her audience through deftly constructed snippets of real and imagined lives. Navigating through ideas about feminism, mental health and being part of a far from perfect punk scene, Bridget’s words will get stuck in your teeth and you’ll be picking them out for days.

Bridget started writing poetry as a way to navigate through undiagnosed mental health problems and eventually found her way to performing in 2011. Since then Bridget has performed all over the country at nights such as Say Owt Slam, Milk Poetry and Hammer and Tongue. She has performed alongside MC Dizraeli, Maria Ferguson, Emily Harrison, Pete the Temp and Hannah Teasadale and has appeared regularly at Boomtown, Green Gathering and Bristol Harbourside, also appearing at WOMAD and Shambala. She has toured with Henry Raby and contributed to the Home Cooking Podcast with Riot Nrrrds.

As well as appearing in poetry spaces, Bridget lives for DIY culture and performing in DIY spaces. She has performed alongside bands like Petrol Girls, Perkie, Husbands n Knives, Atterkop, Faintest Idea and Kamikaze Girls. She has worked in collaboration with Atterkop and Will Tun and the Wasters and has her own spoken word, acoustic folk project Violet Scott & Amelia Bones. In 2013 she released a zine of poems called Scraped Knees and Sob Stories and in April released her first chapbook Better Watch Your Mouth (Burning Eye Books). She is currently working on her first show – Riot Mouth, which compiles a herstory of DIY punk.

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